Alcohol Cook Stove

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Fuel can be used in the FireLite Stove?
ONLY USE Denatured alcohol or an equivalent (methanol, ethanol, everclear) in the burner.

DO NOT USE camp fuel, lantern fuel, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, paint thinner, naptha, jet fuel, rocket fuel or ANY OTHER flammable liquid!!! (For those curious, the pyromaniac on staff has indeed tested all but one of these with some spectacular results, at least from the standpoint of pyrotechnic display!)

What if I run out of alcohol fuel?
If you are out of (or getting low) alcohol you can use just the windscreen/pot support and build a small wood fire inside the screen. Interlock the ends of the screen by sliding them together. Stack/Rack the wood for a fire small enough to fit inside the ring. Pencil size sticks seem to work well for me. Again, all of this on a stable, non-flameable surface. I often build the fire on a flat rock. Light the wood, place the ring around the small fire, insert metal tent stakes through the top holes in the screen in such a manner as to support your cook pot, cook. You can remove the pot and add more wood once the fire is going well. I use a rubber hose with a 2 inch piece of 1/4 inch copper tubing in one end to blow on the fire once it is well lit.

Where can I buy a FireLiteStove?
You may order by going to the "Products" page of this site. A few specialty retailers are now carrying the FireLightStove (A list of these retailers will be available soon)!

Can the FireLightStove be used in cold weather?
Denatured alcohol does not evaporate or burn when it is below freezing. You must keep a small bottle of alcohol in an inner pocket to warm it up. As long as you can get the fuel to light, the stove will work very well. I have used the stove at 16 degrees F and the stove performed well.