Alcohol Cook Stove

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Who is FireLightStoves?

Ray is a minister ( and IT support person ( Backpacking is a hobby for him and he found that it was a lot more fun with a lighter load. After several reads through Ray Jardine's "Beyond Backpacking" (now revised and published as "Trail Life"), he decided to make a serious effort to get as close to the 10-pound base pack weight as comfortable (less food, water, fuel, consumables). Ray tried just about every kind of alcohol stove popular at the time. All of them seemed to have one or more drawbacks. Some were difficult to make, some had a fairly high fiddle factor, and most did not work well in sub-freezing temperatures. Some did not work at all in sub-freezing temperatures.

Ray also owns quite a variety of commercially produced stoves (Sierra Zip®, Titanium Gigapower®, several high pressure gasoline stoves, propane stoves, and most recently a Jet Boil®). None are as light or simple as the FireLightStove which weighs 0.3 ounces.

The FireLiteStove is the result of building literally hundreds of stoves and modifying most of the popular designs to some degree. This stove is based on some unique design ideas, even though the FireLightStove has some things in common with some other home-made alcohol stoves. There are two major differences. The FireLiteStove does NOT depend on developing pressure to burn well and the FireLiteStove works very well in sub-freezing weather. The current design is a result of burning over eleven (11) gallons of denatured alcohol in numerous designs and configuration, 1/2 to 1 1/2 ounces at a time!

The first prototype worked very well till we used it in high wind and the excessive heat generated by the wind melted the aluminum pot stand. The newest version does not require a pot stand. A windscreen is needed in low to moderate wind conditions.