From Christi H. (Deva) (06/08/11)

I'm currently hiking the Appalachian Trail (just passed the halfway point!)
and the firelite stove is the best alcohol stove I've seen out here. It's
vents make it faster than any other alcohol stove I've seen and I love that
I don't need a pot stand. I also like that I can combine the windscreen with
my tent stakes and burn wood in case I run out of fuel. 5 Stars!

Tyler "Patches" King (10/23/09)
"I just finished the Appalachian Trail, and I just wanted to let you know I loved your stove. I started out using a white gas stove because that was what I was familiar with but ended up switching to your alcohol stove to save weight. Your stove was not only more stable then the white gas I was using, but boiled water faster too. It was also easier to find alcohol then it was to find white gas. I never had any problems with it in the cold or at altitude, which I had it below freezing and at 6000 feet. Anyway thank you for the stove and I only wish I had used it from the very beginning."

Hunter Perry, Dahlonega, GA
"The firelight stove is light, simple, practical, and functional. I used this stove from Springer Mtn through Southern VA. The fuel, windscreen, and pot stands all fit in a small cook pot. The windscreen actually doubles as the pot stand. All you need to enjoy a meal with this setup is a flat surface, five minutes and a few cups of water. Other hikers were amazed at the simplicity of my setup as they questioned the eighty plus dollars they spent on their heavier stove!"

SPC. John Beckworth, Dahlonega, GA, U.S. Army, written while on post in Iraq (March 2007)
“Ray and I used an early version of the FireLightStove on Cheoah Bald in early February of 2003. There were three to four inches of snow on the ground and the temperature was 16 degrees F. The FireLight performed very well in spite of the extreme cold, bringing the water to a boil quickly. I would heartily recommend the FireLightStove as a great way to lighten your load without sacrificing performance!"

Sam Johnson (Dahlonega, GA)
Hazel Creek Expedition - May 16 – 20, 2007
"We recently took a trout fishing trip to Hazel Creek on the southwest slope of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It empties into the northwest corner of Fontana Lake, which flanks the Park on its southwest corner. These mountains were cut off from the rest of the world back in the early 40’s when Fontana was built. Prior to that, the entire area was being logged of all of its first growth timber between 1917 and 1940. Remnants of the old saw mill is still visible as you traverse up the old narrow gauge rail bed which shadows the creek for about ten or more miles up the creek.
The only practical way to get in and out is to take a pontoon ferry the three - four miles to the mouth, and arrange a pick-up time for your return. Needless to say, pack weight is a factor, as well as reliability. There are NO options for food and equipment, other than what you pack in with you. That’s where my trusty FireLite stove comes in.

I must admit, when I first saw the FireLite stove, with its increditably light and simple design, I was a bit skeptical. How can something so simple and light be effective? Well, I was wrong! I found it to be as effective as any alpine design I have ever used – with several exceptions – its extremely light, very fuel efficient, and burns hotter than the depths of Hell. In fact, it burns so hot I found I needed to clear a one to two foot cooking area down to the dirt in order to prevent organic debris from catching fire. We cooked several meals for two on it, and I found it to be faster and easier to set up and break down than the other stove were brought along as a back up. I cooked all of these meals on less than 6 ozs. of alcohol fuel. All in all, the stove and six ozs. of fuel take up about the same space as a Coke can. And, it all fits into a cooking pot to save even more space. Excellent!

My next trip into the outback will be with this stove and only sixteen ounces of fuel. That should last me for about four or five days. Thanks for a great improvement to the camp stove Ray!"