Alcohol Cook Stove

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We began our quest to lighten our load in the Spring of 2002, after the twenty miles from Springer Mountain to Woody Gap took three (3) DAYS. My pack weighed about 60 pounds at the start, but felt like 200 pounds by the end of that short section at the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

A year later, we made the same trek with a lightweight load, including an early version of the FireLight Stove, in about ten (10) HOURS and we felt much better! We were hooked on lightweight gear!

We have had a web presence for about five years, but are just now beginning to market the FireLight Stove. Look for more soon!

What is the FireLight© Stove?

The FireLightStove System consists of a burner and a windscreen/pot support. You must supply your own metal tent stakes or an equivalent when using the windscreen/pot support. Using my MSR Titanium Tea Kettle and 2 cups of water, I usually get a strong rolling boil in about 6 minutes with 1 ounce of denatured alcohol. The stove has two heat settings -- on and off. There is no practical way to extinguish the flame, so only use an amount of alcohol that is sufficient to heat what you want. There is no need for precise measurement. 1 ounce of alcohol will be about 1/8 inch above the bottom dome and will burn for about 6-7 minutes, sufficient to boil 2 cups of water.

One great feature of the FireLightStove system is that you can put the burner back in the stuff sack and build a small wood fire inside the windscreen/pot support. I carry a 26 inch length of rubber hose (like on some water filters) with a 2 inch section of copper tubing in one end. The copper tube will fit through the holes in the screen/support and even with gentle blowing you can really generate some heat inside the "circle of fire". Using wood keeps everything even lighter as you do not have to carry as much alcohol. I still carry some alcohol in case it is raining and hard to find dry wood. Also, a little squirt of alcohol makes it easier to light the fire. More details are on the FAQ page!

recycleImageFireLight Stoves are made from recycled materials.